908 / TRIGGER - Split 7”EP *Pre-Order
JAPANESE IMPORT! Formed in 2006 in Germany, band Trigger describes themselves as a ‘Drum N Bass Grind Violence’ with roots into punk music.  In the other side 908, from Denver - CO, a band already known by the japanese public...
$ 9.95
Noisy powerviolence hardcore from Madison Wisconsin. The bass tone and the way it’s at the forefront reminds me of Spazz. The vocals are scowled out in a Septic Death type way. The music is manic, blown out and noisy. Circlepit...
$ 6.00
GRAVE PLAGUE - The Infected Crypts 7"
Resurrecting the remains of death metal’s primitive and marveled past, Grave Plague began in late 2015 as a vehicle to exercise the demons of old school death metal into twisting, chaotic, and haunting formation. Inspired by both classic American and...
$ 6.00
THINK TWICE - National Sacrifice Zone 7"
LIMITED 100 CLEAR VINYL FOR MAILORDER! From, Knoxville, Tennessee and feature members of Life Crisis - these folks play raw , angry, and fast hardcore! Coated with a bit of Southern crust, they lay it out all in a Southern...
$ 5.00
BEER CORPSE - Keg Nuts 7"
This is totally brutal and raw grindcore / thrashcore! Blast beats ringing in over metal tinged guitar breaks and furious growling lines that will have you bleeding out any of you're usual punk and grind references! This is along the...
$ 4.25
N.E.K. - Dekavermes 7"
Harrowing metal tinged guitar, raw punkrock / hardcore blasts and some furious angry vocals bring this Japanese unit to a raw hardcore form with strong guitar leads - Features new member Iwane of ZILLENMA. This presents a honest and hard-working...
$ 4.00
CHOOSE YOUR POISON / SMD - God Hating Thrash Punks From Hell 7"
Split 7" between thrash / metal punk mongers Choose Your Poison from Wisconsin and crossover thrashers SMD from L.A. *Limited Blue and Green colored Vinyl.
$ 4.50
This is the second offering from Buried At Birth and their follow-up to the Full Length CD. More blasting and pulverizing, angry, clench-fisted female fronted grindcore / powerviolence from these California locals. REVIEW San Jose's very own Grindcore/Powerviolence crew, Buried...
$ 5.00
JUNGLE JUICE - Involuntary Convulsions 7"
Jungle Juice are a powerviolence infused hardcore band from Arkansas. Emerging onto the scene in 2010 - they bring a burly and in-your-face attitude to add to the blasting hardcore that beats out of their base sound. Bringing influence from...
$ 5.00
BRODY'S MILITIA - Cycle Of Hate 7"
Six brand new studio tracks of brutal punk rock from this long-running cult. Chainsaw thrash and cut throat rock n' roll expertly blended for the finest in violent musical celebration on your stereo. Includes the sledge hammer smash hits "Hell...
$ 5.00
Comes in Red and Black vinyl!! Tracks: 1. Solipsist - Night of the Wolf 2. Schnauzer - Mr. MHS 3. Schnauzer - The People's Corpse
$ 4.00
GASH - We Are Fuck You 7"
GASH are a three piece out of Philadelphia that play some fast as hell hardcore-punk with a heavy '70s rock influence tied in. This 5 song 7" clocks in just under 5min. with each track nicely flowing into the next...
$ 5.00
WAKE / REHASHED - Split 7"
REHASHED a Saskatoon-based punk/thrash group that has previously released a full length album on Power-It-Up Records and WAKE an intense metallic, hardcore-fused grinding 5 piece from Calgary, Alberta, that have released Leeches on 7 Degrees Records join together for a...
$ 6.00
WAKING THE DEAD / D.F.C. - Split 7"
From the ashes of Skulls And Flames Waking The Dead - arised. they currently have a new line up, old guitarist from Skulls and Flames and a metalhead on another guitar. In July 2011 they're doing their first recording session...
$ 5.00
INTHESHIT hail from Boston and is really best described as solid and precision based grindcore! Fast in all the right parts, as blasting fury echoes from the drums. Held together by eerie sections of growls and screams! PRIAPUS weigh in...
$ 5.00
JACK - Éberkóma 7"
Limited to 300 - All red vinyl! JACK are back with their follow-up to 'Inhumanus.' Eberkoma continues on with this Hungarian based band's breed of blasting grindcore / crossover. Six new tracks of pummeling musical destruction complete with socially based...
$ 5.00
Satan empties his mighty bowels directly into your feeble ears to start 2015 with a bang! Titans of sadistic morbidity FUNERARY BOX commit three acts of unrepentant mongo metal molestation while Midwestern hair-burning cultists VICKERS form the rainbow bridge between...
$ 5.00
This split 7" pairs two of Boise, Idaho's gnarliest bands! HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH have been flying the flag for brutal, progressive fastcore for several years. Here they present five new ragers blending fastcore, grind, rock and thrash. On the flip...
$ 5.00
TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION are really hard to pin down as one specific sound, or even to put a specific genre on them. They combine many forms of metal / hardcore / punk with tempo changes, howling vocals, guttural vocals, and...
$ 5.00
Total whirlwind avalanche mayhemic destruction! ENDLESS DEMISE hits you straight in the forehead with a barrage of relentless true, genuine grindcore, old school L.A. style, featuring past and present members of EXCRUCIATING TERROR & NAUSEA L.A. ... Quebec's own bastard...
$ 5.00
TRAFFIC DEATH - Terror On The Freeway 7"
New 5 Song seven inch EP from TRAFFIC DEATH featuring 4 original tracks ranging from fast paced violent punk rock, heavy riff driven metal all the way to speed enfused ragers. This record also includes a cover of the song "Hit...
$ 5.00
CORRUPT LEADERS - Grindmother 7"
Skull crushing, pounding, explosively fast grind from Canada. With them, every record gets better and faster, while at the same time taking more punishing blasts to throw into the mix. REVIEWS: Grindmother's four blink-and-you'll-miss-them minutes snap and bite like only...
$ 6.00

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