100 YEARS - S/T LP
<a href="http://givepraiserecords.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-3">S/T by 100 YEARS</a> 100 Years from Sweden, take and form several genres into one unique dose of metal. Folk punk, Indie metal, noise - What they do is borrow from all of these and create a challenging form...
$ 13.00
908 / TRIGGER - Split 7”EP *Pre-Order
JAPANESE IMPORT! Formed in 2006 in Germany, band Trigger describes themselves as a ‘Drum N Bass Grind Violence’ with roots into punk music.  In the other side 908, from Denver - CO, a band already known by the japanese public...
$ 9.95
Blasting and punishing brutal grindcore! ABORTION hails from Slovakia and has been shredding heads since 1989, they are no stranger to punishing grind violence. CHOKED BY OWN VOMITS is based out of the Czech Republic and has been slaughtering ears...
$ 5.50
ACCION MUTANTE - Worse Than A Virus CD
After nineteen years of skull smashing, extreme crust the German crust veterans ACCION MUTANTE release their first full length “ Worse than a Virus” on Power It Up Records and Give Praise Records. 17 new blast attacks of ripping, intense,...
$ 9.00
ACUTE 'Official' Embroidered Patch
(KKPC014) ACUTE Official Embroidered Patch  COLOR : BLACK | LINE COLOR : WHITE   TYPE: Vegan Leather Length: 10 cm | Width 4.2 cm  Label: KARASU KILLER PATCH CUSTOM
$ 8.00
AFGRUND 'The Dystopian' Patch
Exclusively released by Give Praise Records 4" square patch Patch design permanently dyed into the cloth, with merrowed stitched edge.
$ 6.00
AFGRUND - The Dystopian LP
Blasting grindcore from Sweden / Finland. The Dystopian 12" LP on black vinyl, Self-released and only 200 made. 
$ 15.00
AGE OF WOE - Inhumanform CD Digipak
Inhumanform by AGE OF WOE Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, Age Of Woe has been around since 2010. Age Of Woe can be described with this statement - "Anger, raw aggression, and fury bring together a band of total annihilation." Drawing...
$ 10.00
AXIS OF DESPAIR - Mankind Crawls 7"
Axis of Despair features former and present members of such bands as Nasum, Coldworker, Infanticide, Volturyon, Livet som insats, Nervgift and Overtorture. To be exact: The band was formed by former Coldworker members Anders Jakobson (drums), Oskar Pålsson (bass) and Joel...
$ 6.00
BEER CORPSE - Keg Nuts 7"
This is totally brutal and raw grindcore / thrashcore! Blast beats ringing in over metal tinged guitar breaks and furious growling lines that will have you bleeding out any of you're usual punk and grind references! This is along the...
$ 4.25
<a href="http://givepraiserecords.bandcamp.com/album/split-8">Split by TO DUST / BENT SEA</a>   Based on exposing the ugliness of the world in the most extreme way possible. TO DUST and BENT SEA bring a marriage of death metal, raw punk and the harshest grindcore...
$ 15.00
BEYOND PINK - Pride And Prejudice LP
On the scene for over 10 years home-based in Sweden - Good with being able to escape from any sort of cliche and boredom, having a good laugh on it but still keeping a hardcore punk band at the core....
$ 12.00
BRODY'S MILITIA - Cycle Of Hate 7"
Six brand new studio tracks of brutal punk rock from this long-running cult. Chainsaw thrash and cut throat rock n' roll expertly blended for the finest in violent musical celebration on your stereo. Includes the sledge hammer smash hits "Hell...
$ 5.00
BRUCEXCAMPBELL - Los Angeles Noisecore Cassette
Blasting and raw grindcore/gore from California! This compiles two releases on one cassette - 'Hail To The KIng' and 'Humanity Deserves To Die.'
$ 5.50
BRUCEXCAMPBELL - South To No Life LP *Pre-Order
Blasting, furious grindcore that leaves you drooling over that new blu-ray disc you just picked up, of that new favorite horror movie. Based in LA, this is BRUCEXCAMPBELL’s initial full length and it does not disappoint. Fast leads, pounding drum...
$ 14.75
This is a brutal and raw blast of noise teasing with a full fledged grindcore attack. Blistering screaming vocals laid over a explosive brand of original shredding. BRUTAL BLUES seriously have a style all their own - this has to...
$ 14.00
Hailing from San Jose, California - this female fronted grindcore unit puts a steady drop on the map! They bring a fierce explosion of anger and throat ripping grind that borders on powerviolence, not to mention including some heavy breakdowns...
$ 8.00
This is the second offering from Buried At Birth and their follow-up to the Full Length CD. More blasting and pulverizing, angry, clench-fisted female fronted grindcore / powerviolence from these California locals. REVIEW San Jose's very own Grindcore/Powerviolence crew, Buried...
$ 5.00
BUTCHER ABC 'I REEK OF BUTCHER' Official Embroidered Patch
(KKPC023) I REEK OF BUTCHER Official Embroidered Patch COLOR : BLACK | LINE COLOR : SILVER TYPE: Vegan LeatherLength: 10.7 cm | Width 6 cm Label: KARASU KILLER PATCH CUSTOM
$ 8.00
BUTCHER ABC  Official Embroidered PatchCOLOR : BLACK | LINE COLOR : WHITELength: : 12.8cm | Width: 3.5cmTYPE: Vegan LeatherLabel: KARASU KILLER PATCH CUSTOM
$ 8.00
Real angry grindcore from Germany. No messing around, no pauses, no breaks, just pure anger. You can hear it in their voice! The world right now is pissing everyone off, which is a good thing! Raw, and unadulterated grindcore. For...
$ 13.00
CHOOSE YOUR POISON / SMD - God Hating Thrash Punks From Hell 7"
Split 7" between thrash / metal punk mongers Choose Your Poison from Wisconsin and crossover thrashers SMD from L.A. *Limited Blue and Green colored Vinyl.
$ 4.50
CORRUPT LEADERS - Grindmother 7"
Skull crushing, pounding, explosively fast grind from Canada. With them, every record gets better and faster, while at the same time taking more punishing blasts to throw into the mix. REVIEWS: Grindmother's four blink-and-you'll-miss-them minutes snap and bite like only...
$ 6.00

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